Maddie's Moment

Little Maddie is the youngest of this active bunch. And on that day she needed a little prodding and comfort from Mom to face someone like me, who was hopping around her while endlessly snapping photos.

But the moment I threw the big beachball her eyes lit up. She forgot all about the intrusive lens and bounced down the beach.

Her innocence and toddler enthusiasm were absorbed in trying to control a ball almost as big as she, and to cope with the wind and the waves. It was an utterly charming scene. I could have watched and photographed her all day.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the ball out of Maddie’s little hands and our precious photo prop drifted out to sea.

Mom leapt to the rescue, plunging into the waves in wet pursuit.

And thus another painting was born.

Leslie calls this painting Leslie’s Butt.   Maddie’s grandparents, Sally and Eddie, requested I name it Bum Splash!

Strolling ... Bowling

14" x18"

The ball was safely retrieved, and by the end of the photo shoot I had so many perfect images that to this day I continue to use them as motifs for my paintings and shows.

Strolling ... Rolling

14" x18"

When Grandma Sassy stopped by my studio and saw her granddaughter’s still-wet painting, she grabbed it with both hands. With tears in her eyes and fingers covered in paint, she promptly commissioned a painting of all her grandchildren. During the course of all those photo shoots and motif discussions, we all became close friends. Today I cannot imagine our Cayman time without this delightful and loving Memphis family.