Art & Nature

“Christel Ibsen’s paintings inspire sounds as vibrant and fluid as the colors you see.  To me they feel and sound like this.”– Eric Yves Garcia (press on arrow to hear)

Art & Nature

Art & Nature

To capture the beauty of nature is a challenge indeed, and can at times be intimidating.

Every year I travel between my studios in New York, Normandy and Grand Cayman. Each location exposes me to different environments that help keep my palettes fresh.

Cayman is a place where colors are richer, more sensuous and slow…. The heat rises… The Caribbean sunsets explode with vibrant, golden glows… The mood is exotic… The air is fragrant with sumptuous blossoms and lush foliage.

In spring, light petals float against the New York sky as clouds of cherry blossoms blur the buildings that surround Central Park. When New York heat begins to sizzle my Viking blood, I head for the cool, verdant hills of La Cote Fleuri. There, in the midst of rolling Normandy fields, where neighing full-bloods graze the salt-laden pastures, I set up my easel and paint in my inviolate space, interrupted only by the sounds of church bells chiming over goats braying.

Christel Ibsen’s Art & Nature exemplify the beauty and levity of the blossoms and her landscapes spring to life with the emotions of her brushes. To me it sounds like this.”  – Eric Yves Garcia (press on arrow to hear)

“When confronting yourself with Ibsen’s artwork, it becomes swiftly clear that no matter what motif she might have set her artistic focus upon at the point of creation, her artwork has a freeing, fundamentally soothing and healing effect on the viewer.”

– Huffington Post April 2015

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“Christel Ibsen’s style developed from studying fresco painting at New York’s National Gallery. Her training in fresco and design techniques has influenced the way she uses different media in her work to achieve minute details as well as diverse and accentuated textures.”

– National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, March 2016