Pippi Longstocking

The family would be in Cayman over spring vacation, and we agreed to get together to do the photoshoot.

On the day of the shoot, in walked Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi spent the morning playing with my brushes and paints.

With her copper red curls reflecting against the aqua waves, Pippi was an artist’s dream.

Watching her, I knew instantly  that my painting would be the perfect gift for an adoring Grandpa.

We now had a project.

I couldn’t stop photographing this enchanting and effervescent girl.

After hours of taking pictures, the possibilities for motifs were endless.

Over the summer, I went to work in my Normandy studio.

On Grandpa’s big day, I presented the painting to him.

It was a true hit, and was hung in a prominent place in their home to be enjoyed by the entire family – especially by Pippi!