My sister, her daughter-in-law and two granddaughters were visiting us in Cayman for spring vacation.

While baby sister was happy to snuggle on her mother’s lap or to take a quiet stroll on the beach, Star could not wait for the action to begin.

With her long brown hair and gracious movements, Star was the perfect model.

I spent the entire week chasing her with my lens as Star jumped and skipped and played with the waves.

Sometimes her baby sister, Ida-Marie would watch safely from the shore next to Mom.

Sometimes I would join her.

Sometimes Star would finally tire and retreat to her “tent” on the beach for a quick snack and a nap.
But soon the waves would beckon and a new wave dance would begin.

I must have taken nearly a thousand photos of Star that week.

From early morning to sunset, she found new ways to explore the ocean and the beach. It was as if she and the waves became partners in an ever-changing duet.

I knew that I had motifs to last me a lifetime and I could not wait to put pencil and brush to canvas.

Star indeed became my artist muse.

Star had a special magnetism and effortless grace since she was born. I had already painted her as a toddler. This is one of my favorites. Tough having to decide between your balloon and your beach-ring.
But now, as a budding teenager Star had added a new dimension of confidence and balance in her step. I immediately went to work

And thus Star became the center of my next show.

I was not the only one Star inspired.

Two years after “Star Quickstep” had been part of my Ritz Gallery show,

I was contacted by the mother of this little girl asking me if I still had that painting for sale.

The mother explained that the moment Brooke saw the painting she posed in front of it exclaiming: “This is me.” When Christmas came, she asked: “What happened to my painting?” The same for her birthday. When I told the mother that it had been sold a long time ago we came up with a plan. I would paint a similar painting, this time with Brooke as my model
What I particularly love about this story, is that Brooke chose this painting. Today she is brilliant ballet dancer.
When the painting was finished, Brooke came to pick it up. And we finally had a happy birthday girl. I don’t know who was the most pleased, Brooke or me.

What are the chances that two little girls brought together by a painting would both today be pursuing their dreams in the limelight.

Star is now an amazing professional dancing her way through London, NY, LA and Copenhagen.