With Gratitude

Antoine Vit, who inspires, encourages and continues to teach me about hues, light and texture   |     antoine-vit.com 

April Bending, who helped me trust that I could become an artist    |     aprilbending.com

Geraldine Morgan, who first believed in my potential and helped guide my artistic growth

Chris Christian, for his continued support, advice and vision     |     chrischristianart.com

Javier Tourné, who pushed me to realize my abstract potential    |     leonard-tourne.com

Judy Mir, Nancy Johnson, Birgitte Willumsen… my art critics and creative partners  |    judithmir.combirgittewillumsen.dk

Christina Vergano… her artistic generosity allows me to pursue new directions with confidence    |   cristinavergano.nyc

Renee, Nicole, Mariana and Oneica, who keep our homes and my studios functioning… despite my artistic mess

My clients, who from the start encouraged me by actually buying my paintings

Celia, Scarlett and Gretel… their grace, energy and inquisitive spirits never fail to inspire my motifs

And most of all, to Bob… my patient, encouraging, loving husband who adores everything I paint!

This is for you!

Special thanks to

Max Flores, a graphic artist, who with patience and expert insight, guided me through the creation of this magnificent website    |    Max Flores

Jon Weber capture the harmony and energy in Liquid Hues and Pigments with his magical notes   His music sounds the way I paint    |   jonwebermusic.com

Konstantin Soukhovetski, embraces my Child Sprits with his distinctive lyricism and his immaculate mastery of ivory keys   |   konstantinthepianist.com

Eric Yves Garcia energizes the textures and colors of my Art & Nature with a vibrant and fluid musical essence    |   ericyvesgarcia.com

Matt Baker sees colors when he plays, while I hear music when I paint.  His playful approach to melody empower and embrace Portraits & Commissions.    |    mattbaker.com.au

Naya and Nina Rodriguez-Castinado, their film of me painting a portrait from the white canvas till the finished portraits taught me as much as I taught them.