For these four adorable cousins, who like most Americans live far apart, Cayman is a paradise uniting them during spring vacations. I have been following this family for years and have watched these little girls grow into lovely young adults.

Their grandmother tells me that to this day, these four paintings capture their spirits: Mackenzie, the determined striver; Maddie, the youngest, full of mischief and fun; Keely, always reaching and exploring; and Sally, focused and calm.

Maddie's Moment

Little Maddie is the youngest of this active bunch. And on that day she needed a little prodding and comfort from Mom to face someone like me...

Keely's Reach

At eleven and on the brink of womanhood, Keely will have to negotiate the many challenges...

Sally's Serenity

Sally is Keely’s little sister by two years. The first thing you notice about Sally is how gentle and thoughtful she is with everyone and everything...

Mackenzie's Stride

While doing the photoshoot of all four of them, it quickly became clear that Mackenzie, Maddie's older sister walked to her own beat