Aurora & Lilah

It all starts with listening. What do the parents, grandparents want to capture. A special vacation – a mood – a sibling relationship? Each commission serves a different purpose and yet they all seek to cherish and eternalize a special moment in their family life.

They talk about their children – I listen. I suggest different scenes and approaches – they listen. Together, we move forward and even before the first photoshoot takes place, we all have a pretty good idea of where we are heading and what the overall concept will be.

Outfits and the objects, such as a ball, a bucket and beach toys are chosen and coordinated.

Then, sometimes the children write the script and create the motif themselves.

But they are never alone.

There is always a loving adult close by watching and ready to help.

It was a great day with so many lovely images to choose from.

We narrowed it down to two images.

Here Aurora was perfect. I loved her smile and the way she interacted with her big sister.

But, for overall harmony, I needed them at the same height.

I loved Lilah looking at her little sister with such affection. But in this one I could not see Aurora’s face clearly.

So, next came Photoshop and a lot of cut and pasting.