Keely's Reach

Four beautiful little girls on a beach. What could be easier? Well, although they really tried, it soon became evident that it was more fun playing with each other than posing for me.

We then tried to pair them as sisters.

Mackenzie and Maddie

Keely and Sally

But Sassy had by now so fallen in love with Maddie’s Moment that she decided that each granddaughter deserved her very own painting!

As the oldest granddaughter, Keely came first.

She was the perfect model.

She leapt with grace and danced with the waves. In no time, we had dozens of images for a perfect motif.
The tough part now was which one to chose.
Sassy chose Keely’s Reach because it so perfectly captures her spirit – always looking forward, eager to learn and reach out. Today, Keely is all grown up. At 21 years, she is as beautiful as she is fun. She loves to be part of a group of friends and she is totally at ease in her element as a senior in college. Watch out world, here she comes!
I chose this one as the centerpiece for one of my exhibitions in New York. It immediately sold.

At eleven and on the brink of womanhood, Keely will have to negotiate the many challenges and choices she will make while growing up. It is much the same way she confronts this wave with its somewhat murky undercurrents. Each must be assessed and charged with equal doses of enthusiasm and caution.

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Compound and Oil on Canvas and Board, 13″ x 19”