Hope and Action                                                                    Thursday, April 23th, 2015 6 PM - 8 PM, 46 East 65th street, New York, NY 10065


Please join us for an evening of hope and change with Bob Zuber of Global Action and Fay Lippitt of LIFE.  

Bob Zuber explains how Global Action (GAPW), a United Nations-affiliated 501c-3 charitable organization, works with partners worldwide to promote the rights of women in countries and regions where their skills, voices and personal security have been compromised. GAPW builds capacity in groups throughout Central Africa, Eastern Europe and Central America that are working to end community violence, provide educational opportunity, and promote full social participation by women and others suffering discrimination or abuse.

For more information this evening's themes and a link to one of our publications, see: http://www.globalactionpw.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/monday-developments-wps-article1.pdf


Faye Lippitt works with LIFE, Literacy for Everyone.  Her book “Sixteen Chickens On A Trampoline”, is a witty reminder to write those amazing things your children or grandchildren say and do. All profits from the sale of her book go to support Life through Rotary Sunrise in the Cayman Islands.

Faye Lippitt : www.16chickens.com

LIFE: www.life.org.ky

RSVP: cibsen@me.com

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Global Action

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