Child Spirits

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For many years I was a professional photographer.   Thus I probably see the visual world in more defined shapes.  Painting allows me to combine my skills and expand the final visual result. 

My training in fresco techniques and designs (such as lacquer and chinoiserie) have influenced the way I use different mediums and styles in my art and have enabled me to incorporate my desire for details as well as stromg texture.

A photograph is a moment captured and registered… while a painting takes on a whole new,  three dimensional life and spirit that allows the viewer to experience his own emotions and imagination.  

I feel blessed that, having lost my hearing, I was able to expand other senses and achieve the pleasure and gratitude I feel when seeing the happiness in a parent's eyes upon receiving my painting of their child.

But most wonderful is the child's reaction upon seeing the image of themselves as translated unto the canvas… Look at the comments about "Lilly's Wave"… the last image on this page! 

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