Blossoms and Foliage

SpringWinterFallCherry SatayPink Delight …SoldSpring BlossomsCentral DaliaAdrienne's Center Poppy ... SoldClose Poppy ... SoldCayman TributaryCayman RufflesInfinityChivesField PoppiesMy Father's Favorite FieldRiver PoppiesPotpourriPurple Delight ... SoldVendageTulip SplurgeTulip Delights…. SoldTulip SalutTulip FeastTulip HuesSummer BurstFall MeadowScarlett's PoppiesCelia’s PoppiesX Luxurious Verdant ... SoldDon's Plumeria ... SoldDon's Butterfly ... SoldCayman Studio

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I am currently experimenting with expanding existing art forms, using whatever techniques that inspire me to achieve the final image.  I am especially fascinated by the possibilities of combining the two art forms of photography and paint, exploring the added strength each medium brings to the final piece of art

Many of my flower paintings are, in a sense, a family affair. My brother, Thomas Ibsen (who lives in Copenhagen) and my daughter-in-law Sarah Millet (who lives in Philadelphia) are both talented photographers.  They graciously work with me to create amazing motifs of blossoms and foliage.

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