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 Beach Play

Judy Mir

It looks wonderful, and I can see that you will keep adding to it on some pages that have images and no copy.  I love the layout - clean and easy to get around.  Everything is clear and beautiful. 

Can't believe these are all sold, fantastic.  I can't believe Snuggles is sold - I love that one!

Can't wait for show details.

Love, J

Thomas Ibsen

Stort tillykke!

Jeg er helt enig - der er kun grund til at være stolt over at deltage sammen med så mange andre rigtig gode kunstnere.

Held og lykke.


Christina Vergano

Congratulations on both the new website and the show!!!!

The fact that you did the website by yourself is a testament to your well-known determination.


Nancy Johnson

Impressive, impressive, impressive!  Brava Diva! And ... well done.  This is great.

xo Me

Mary St George

Dear Christel, thank you for sending me the new and lovely website with all its images and information I am very pleased that all your hard tech work has paid off and congratulate you on the success of your Chesapeake show and hope your artistry will continue to be popular and in demand. You are certainly branching out into many new and fine images, and I am happy to see them in one easy to navigate format online.  Hope all is well and sending you and Bob a big hug. Love, Mary

Michele LeLeu

Chère Christel ,  j'espère que ton exposition se passe le mieux possible pour toi et que tes tableaux ont du succès , tu le mérites . bises à tous les 2 Michèle

Dena Woodhams

Dear Christel,

Your paintings keep getting better, richer, deeper.  It is as if the deeper you allow yourself to go within, the more depth is lent to the canvas.  Well done, I'm so proud when I see what you are doing now and knowing where you have come from. Love Dena

Michael Willumsen

Kære Cisser, 

Har netop været inde på hjemmesiden - den er meget flot og let overskuelig! 

Sikke nogle flotte malerier og masser af omtale - jeg er særligt imponeret over din evne til at male ansigter, som jo må være meget svært. 

Hyggeligt at ses da I var i Danmark :-) Hils Bob. 

Med venlig hilsen/ Kind Regards

Michael Willumsen
Advokat (L)

Ealine Learson

Your website is beyond DELICIOUS!!!

Well done, Love Elaine